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High roller casinoAre you that player that makes the bigger bets on the Roulette table? Or do you play the maximum bet at the Blackjack table? Than you are probably a High Roller and now you found the website that is made specially for you.

On this website we have put together the best High Roller deals you can get at any online casino. We will inform you about the best deals offered to High rollers and tell you how to get them. If you are a players who makes bigger bets, you should and can get a real VIP treatment. Just like in Las Vegas were the “whales” are getting a warm welcome. You also can get this special treatment online.

The definition of a High Roller ?

In the world of high stakes gambling and casinos, we talk about high rollers when players make unusual high bets without any worries. The biggest of these high rollers are also referred to as “whales”. High rollers will be getting superior treated and get some classy service from the casino they visit.

The definition of a high roller can be different from casino to casino. Normally they talk about a high roller player when he spends millions of dollars in a weekend. They can either win or lose a great amount of money at the casino tables.

The benefits of a High Roller

When a high roller visits the casino he or she will be treated with the utmost respect and comforts. The can range from your private limousine service, your own VIP gambling room with bars stocked with the finest alcoholic drinks. They will be showered with all the benefits and perks you can imagine and be treated as royalty. Of course you will be offered to stay in the best penthouse suites available.

Other special services offered to the high roller could be personal hostesses, VIP tickets for the best shows and a table at the best restaurants in town. For a really special high roller treatment some casinos can offer the use of a chartered jet plane. Other casino in some cases may offer the high roller a 10% rebate on all there losses.

However, all these things will take place behind the scenes. And normally the high roller will inform the casino prior to their arrival. This will give the casino the change to make the necessary arrangements. They regularly draw up a contract stating all the services and perks the casino will provide and the high roller will be obligated to play a certain amount of money.

High Roller can also be a risk for the casinos. Some high rollers have won millions of dollars while they visited the casino. Sometimes a casino won’t take the risk and will turn away from the high roller.

The World Biggest High Roller Names.

Some of the most interesting names in the world of high rollers likely is Kerry Packer. This famous high roller is a Australian tycoon who is estimated to be worth about $4.5 billion dollars and comes with a passion for gambling. Ones when he visited London he said that he lost $28 millions dollers. And another time when he went to Las Vegas it’s been said he won $33 million dollar at the MGM casino.

A famous story about Packer is when he was lured by a Texas oilmen into a game of poker. When the men from Texas was announcing that he was worth well over $60 million dollar, Packer responded by pulling out a coin and  saying “shall we flip for it?”.

Another big name is Mike Aponte who was a former MIT Blackjack Pack member. MIT Blackjack Pack was  a group of college students that beat the casino all around the world with their skills in card counting. In the Hollywood movie “21”, Aponte is the subject as a mayor player.

Borrowing ten thousand dollars and turning it into $17 million dollars, Archie Karas is famous for it although the exact numbers vary.

Athletes Charles Barkley, John Daly and Ahmed Al-Reyaysa also been seen as world famous high rollers.

High Stakes and Wagers

Usually in a mainstream high stakes casino lounge it is quite common to see wages that are ranging from $1000 to $250.000 dollar. A tray of chips on a busy evening at the high stake table can hold as much as 1.5 million dollars. Most played games by high rollers are Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette.

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